Ventilation for Improved Comfort & Air Quality, Ormskirk

Air Conditioning / Refrigeration / Cold Room InstallationsAdequate ventilation is important and never more so than in that last few years, thanks to Covid 19. This is true in the home etc, but especially in the workplace or anywhere that people regularly congregate. Employers are responsible for managing ventilation, and ensuring a supply of fresh air is available. Whether it's produced naturally or mechanically, it is a requirement by law. In a work situation, there should be risk assessments to ascertain:

  • If there are poorly ventilated areas
  • Whether there is any risk of aerosol transmission of particles
  • What the best course of action is to improve ventilation

Buildings can become susceptible to stagnant air if not adequately ventilated, as effective ventilation replaces stale air with fresh. The indoors can eventually become more polluted than outdoors due to the combination of bacteria and carbon. There are few aspects within HVAC, as import as ventilation, which influences energy efficiency as well as air quality.

Ventilation in Schools, Office Buildings, Factories & Homes, Southport

Proper ventilation has often been overlooked in the past when designing and planning new builds. Yet it has so many functions which can improve our daily lives, such as controlling odours, diluting gases and dispersing condensation. The ventilation of all kinds of buildings such as schools, hospitals, factories and even homes should be a priority. Efficient ventilation systems replenish oxygen and allow clean, fresh air to circulate around any space.

Natural Ventilation occurs when air naturally flows through an interior area from an open window, vent or door. Convection is another process, whereby warm air rises up to the top of the building, drawing in cool fresh air from the bottom. These systems are however very much dependant on conditions like wind speed and direction. Pressure systems, rely on maintaining temperature differentials through the building also.

Lack of Ventilation & Sick Building Syndrome [SBS], Burscough

Sick building syndrome presents as symptoms you might get while in a particular building, usually an office, but you can suffer with it in any building. The syndrome can be experienced by spending a lot of time in a stuffy bedroom, making sleeping difficult. It may also affect workers in commercial buildings. Symptoms appear and are persistent while in the building but on leaving they may clear. They include:

  • Headache
  • Runny or blocked nose
  • Itchy or dry skin
  • Sore, dry eyes or throat
  • Wheezing or coughing
  • Rashes
  • A feeling of tiredness and lethargy
  • Difficulty concentrating

In this situation the NHS recommends:

  • opening windows to improve ventilation, if possible
  • setting the temperature to around 18C and keeping it steady throughout the day
  • reducing stress where possible
  • taking regular breaks from your computer
  • going outside for fresh air at lunchtime and on other breaks

Mechanical Ventilation for Fresh, Safe Air, Maghull

Many buildings in the UK have significant and ongoing problems with damp, mould and condensation, often due to a lack of adequate ventilation. Keeping windows etc open may not be a practical option, due to health and safety issues. This is also unrealistic when it comes to larger buildings or those with no windows that can be opened. Even with windows etc closed older buildings can leak air from outside though lack of insulation etc. Although providing ventilation, this will negatively affect energy efficiency, which is where mechanical ventilation comes in.

Modern homes and commercial buildings are designed to be air-tight, so equipment must be used to control the amount of outside air added to your surroundings. The system uses mechanical means to draw air in and distribute it where desired. It will also exhaust air from bathrooms, kitchens etc. Systems like this ensure that moisture, odours and contaminants are dispersed. Pollutants like VOC's, and virus particles that you cannot detect also need to be expelled via mechanical ventilation. Airfrost Refrigeration & Air Conditioning are specialists in the installation, replacement, service and maintenance of ventilation systems throughout the north west.

Ventilation for Improved Comfort & Air Quality, Ormskirk, Ventilation in Schools, Office Buildings, Factories & Homes, Southport. Lack of Ventilation & Sick Building Syndrome [SBS], Burscough, Mechanical Ventilation for Fresh, Safe Air, Maghull.